8 April 2013


I went to Lush for the first time probably a year ago and have since completely fallen for their products. I especially like that the products are predominately made with natural, organic, fair trade ingredients. I know when you first go in for the first time it can be very overwhelming! So I thought I'd do a not so little review of some of my favourite lush products.
From left to right, from the top. No Drought (dry shampoo) -  $13.50,  Eau Roma Water (toner) - $7.98,  9 to 5 (cleansing lotion) - $15.95,  Grease Lightning (pimple gel) - $13.50,  Ro's Argan Body Conditioner - $29.95,  Rose Jam Bubbleroon (Bubble bar) - $6.50, Phoenix Rising (Bath Bomb) - $5.95, Rock Star Soap - $6.95, Mask of Magnaminty $15.95.

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