8 April 2013


I went to Lush for the first time probably a year ago and have since completely fallen for their products. I especially like that the products are predominately made with natural, organic, fair trade ingredients. I know when you first go in for the first time it can be very overwhelming! So I thought I'd do a not so little review of some of my favourite lush products.
From left to right, from the top. No Drought (dry shampoo) -  $13.50,  Eau Roma Water (toner) - $7.98,  9 to 5 (cleansing lotion) - $15.95,  Grease Lightning (pimple gel) - $13.50,  Ro's Argan Body Conditioner - $29.95,  Rose Jam Bubbleroon (Bubble bar) - $6.50, Phoenix Rising (Bath Bomb) - $5.95, Rock Star Soap - $6.95, Mask of Magnaminty $15.95.

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No Drought - Dry Shampoo: This product is a little weird at first, especially if you are use to using the dry shampoos that are in a spray can. The way I found that works best to apply it is by tapping a little into my hand then dusting it over my head then rubbing some into my roots and then I just comb it through. The scent is really fresh and lemony. It also find it adds a bit of body to my hair so I'm loving this product! It's especially great when I'm in-between washes and don't have time to wash my hair. It works like a charm! and a little product goes a long way. I imagine this bottle will last ages.
(115g - $13.50AU)


Eau Roma Water - Toner: So the ingredients in this is really simple just lavender and rose water. The scent isn't that strong at all and rather pleasant in my opinion. It is made for dry to normal skin. (I have oily skin) With saying this I've been using this after I cleanse with my 9 - 5 cleanser which leaves a bit of a residue on the skin. This toner takes it right off without that over drying feeling you get from most other toners. This is a really great product if you feel like other toners are too over drying and tough on your skin. (100ml - $7.95AU)

 9 - 5 - Oil Cleansing lotion: I am in love with this product, it is definitely my favourite of all the Lush pruducts I have tried. I apply this cleanser onto a baby wipe and just wipe away... It is great at removing eye make and doesn't sting your eyes. Because it is an oil lotion it does leave a little bit of a residue on your skin. But I don't mind it. You can rinse your face with a bit of warm water or wipe away with a light toner like the Eau Roma Water and it comes right off. This product has reduced my pimples dramatically! I think the oily residue stops my own skin from over producing sebum (oil) which intern helps my breakouts. If you are suffering from break outs and have tried absolutely everything this is definitely a product worth trying. It is a little pricy but I think the bottle would definitely last a while and it works! I think this product would be great for any skin type. (240g - $16.95AU)


Grease Lightning - Spot / Pimple treatment: This products main ingredients are thyme, rosemary, tea tree, aloe vera, Sea water, which hazel & lavender oil. Now this product doesn't get rid of pimples with a click of your fingers, but what product does?
I usually apply this all over my face after toning, then I let it dry before applying a moisturiser (I wouldn't recommend doing this if you have dry skin) then I use it again on some individual spots that I may have. I find that after applying this on a pimple it dries it right up and the zit is usually gone after 2 to 3 days. I definitely think this product is worth trying if you have any acne / spots. I'd recommend asking for a sample first and see how the product works with your skin, the ladies at Lush are always very friendly and helpful. ( 45g - $13.50AU)


Ro's Argan Body Conditioner: This product smells bloody AMAZING if it was edible I'd eat it! It smells just like Turkish Delight! <3 it has a rose musky kind of scent and it's just divine!
You are suppose to use this product in the shower after cleansing. I don't. I think that it would waste quite a lot of the product and it is really expensive. I usually use it after I shower. It does have a greasy feeling so if you are not into that just use it in the shower or maybe before going to bed and then rinse it off in the morning. This product feels so nice on the skin and makes it so soft and supple. The smell is divine and last for hours. It's especially great on the legs and arms I pretty much use it all over. This would make a really great gift especially if the person loves rose scents. It is a little pricy though but as a treat when you feel like pampering yourself it is amazing. (225g - $29.95AU)

Rose Jam Bubbleroon: This is one of lush's bubble bars and bloody gosh does it smell amazing! Another product i'de probably eat if it were edible. Lush should seriously think about selling candy versions of their products. Like the name says it smells like roses but sweet roses with a hint of  coconut, Shea butter, geranium and lemon. This combination is just amazing! (I need to come up with a better adjective.)  You only need to use one half of this product and it creates quite a lot of bubbles, it make the bath water nice and silky and when you come out the scent lingers on your skin for hours and the oils make your skin feel so lovely and soft so there is no need to moisturise after you bath. I love this I would have re-purchased this just for the smell it self. DIVINE. ($6.50AU)


Phoenix Rising - Bath Bomb: The second I hopped into the bath I was instantly relaxed, the smell is just so dreamy. I'de imagine this would be great after a stressful exam or essay. I'de use this just before going to bed as it is so relaxing. The key scents in this bomb is bergamot, cassia, jojoba, citric acid, cinnamon and theres a sweetness from the cocoa butter and icing sugar. The oils leave your skin feeling so soft and supple and smelling great all day long. The down side of this stuff is that it is pigmented and does stain your skin pink a bit, but it isn't so much of a problem. (I would chop this thing in half though...)  ($5.95AU) 


Rock Star soap: If you love the smell of vanilla, musk combined with the sweet scent of coconut oil, then this is the soap for you. It just smells so lovely! I chop mine up into medium size pieces and put in in a jar so it'll last a bit longer, then using a whole block of the stuff at once. This soap is moisturising and the scent lingers for hours after using it. I could smell my arm all day long... (100g - $6.95AU)


Mask Of Magnamity - This product along with the 9 - 5  mentioned above I feel have really helped at clearing my skin. It has a minty smell, just like toothpaste actually. I apply this all over the face then let it dry for 10 - 15 minutes then I splash some water over my face and massage it in circular motion (works as a light scrub) then I rinse it off. I've noticed that it really brightens my complexion and the mint makes your face feel really fresh and awake. This product I find is especially great for getting rid of blackheads. (125g - $15.95AU)

Hope you girls (possibly but very unlikely guys) found this insightful, till next time.

This is my first blog - if any of you guys have any tips or advise please tell me. =]



  1. I love Lush! I may have to try some of these products.

  2. You got some amazing stuff from Lush! I'm obsessed with lush.. now i have more ideas of what to get haha!

    Please check out and follow my blog! I'd really appreciate it! <3


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