28 April 2014

Emma Watson Look 2014 Acadamy Awards - Tutorial

Ever since I first discovered the beauty videos on Youtube over 5 years ago. I had always wanted to contribute, but never had the guts. But alas in 2014 I have finally found the courage to do so. I'd so appreciate if you were to check out my first video. 


  • Emma Watson Look  2014 Acadamy Awards - Tutorial

If you do watch it, thank you so much! it means a lot. 

Rose xx


  1. Heeeyyy we happen to have been in the same boat!! I'd also wanted to upload videos since I stumbled on beauty videos way-back-when, and actually just recently plucked up the nerve to do it. ;P I'm glad you got the nerve to, also!! And I love the look you did, Emma Watson always has the prettiest looking makeup. :)

    xx Alyssa — fragments of memories

    1. Hi! I know Youtube can be a little nerve racking, but it is really fun to put the videos together. I really should try to keep up with it, however it's very time consuming. Thank you so much for watching!

      You have a lovely little blog by the way, I really like your style.

      Rose xx


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