6 September 2015

Spontaneous Sydney Adventure - Cremorne Point

So I decided to vlog my day the other day, for two main reasons no.1 I have a really terrible memory and can never remember anything i've done. I can remember going to certain places and who I was with, but what actually happened is a complete blur.  Reason no. 2 I have been watching a lot of travel and life vlogs lately and they have inspired me to capture more of the moments of my life, e.g. Casey Neistat, Fun For Louis and The Candourist.

So here is my first ever vlog! I went to Cremoine Point in Sydney, which is a short 10 minute ferry ride from Circular Quay ~ here's what we got up to :)
It isn't the very best edit, but I'll hopefully work on that over time.

Rose xx
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